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¿Qué color necesitas?

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About us

More than 30 years with you. At Nestinar we distribute an extensive range of products: Floral Essences, Oils, Floral Cosmetics, Floral Sprays, Radiesthesia, Pendulums, Rods, Polyhedrons, Books and Cards. Nestinar products are of high quality and their proper use brings awareness and recognition of who we are.

Nestinar means: "the man who crosses the fire" Crossing the embers "fire" speaks of the internal strength of people who overcome their fears and transmute them into moral value, courage and self-control. A concept that we have wanted to convey since 1988, when we officially opened the first Nestinar center in Barcelona, offering people resources to achieve well-being and harmony.

Nestinar SL is domiciled in Spain -

You can also find us in Mexico -