'Manual de Radiestesia Práctica Nestinar's book of Mika Widmanska

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Introduction and practical use of pendulums, rods, biotensors and other dowsing products.

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The art of feeling the energy. Dowsing is a discipline that encompasses aspects of both daily life and professional life. Thanks to its practice we can feel the energy, measure it, locate it and even more importantly, find the places that affect health. This ability to feel energy is possessed by all living beings; animals, plants and humans. Domestic animals such as the dog and the cat are indicators of the energies in our homes, the dog looks for places free of geopathies and the cat, on the contrary, needs the places affected geopathically. Plants on the other hand will grow more or less strongly depending on where we place them. Among the occupations where the use of dowsing is more prominent, we can mention: feng shui, architecture, geobiology, diagnosis, energy therapy, etc. Currently, many cases have been investigated that at first seemed ?inexplicable? and that according to dowsing studies have their explanation. One of the clearest examples is the place where we sleep. Why are there places where we sleep well and wake up rested, and in others we have trouble sleeping and wake up tired? Radiesthesia showed that in places where there are geopathies, people sleep badly and that when we change to a geopathically clean place, we reconcile sleep. Being a radiesthesist helps to live better. This knowledge combined with daily practice gives us the opportunity to discover a world that is not visible but exists. We all have this latent sensitivity in us, all we have to do is know how to USE IT, to improve our quality of life and that of others.


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