'Manual de Esencias del Mundo' Nestinar's Book

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Description of the properties of more than 500 essences from around the world

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The reason that leads us to the edition of this MANUAL, is the desire to provide an informative service, about the Vibrational Essences that exist in the market. Brief review of the beginnings of Floral Therapeutics and its founder, Dr. Edward Bach, as well as the continuators of his work. Explanation of what flower and vibrational essences are and how they work, their preparation methods, forms of use and recommendations.; Explanation of the general characteristics of each family or group of essences, in order to know their origin and explain their levels of action . Detail of the particular characteristics of each of the more than 500 essences that we distribute. All this information is based on the criteria expressed by the people who have researched and elaborated them, as well as on the review of books by renowned authors, on the experience of professionals, therapists, teachers and on the experiences of those who have used them. We hope that this simple Manual will be useful to you. Vibrational essences are a valuable means to know ourselves, transform ourselves and live in balance and harmony.


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