'Esencias Florales y Jerarquía Divina' Book of N. Margonari

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Birth and cosmic trajectory of our consciousness.

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We live today in a time that we can affirm is unique, it is when the floral essences reach us through the Great White Fraternity, as well as a time of revelation of the spiritual knowledge that is conceived for us by the hidden Divine Hierarchy. What in past times was made known only to a few initiates, today is revealed to all who want to know. This knowledge that was previously guarded and secret, today is revealed. This is because our humanity has reached a level of consciousness that allows it such a privilege. This book has the clear objective of demonstrating that in essence we are itinerant spiritual consciousnesses in this Cosmos, making a long journey. Our Supreme Creative Source awaits us after the long road of struggles and conquests, finally crowning in Light-the Absolute consciousness.


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'Esencias Florales y...