'Manual práctico de Chacras' Nestinar's book of Mika Widmanska

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This manual gives us the possibility of getting to know ourselves through the chakras

159 pages - 215mm x 160mm

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The chakras are the starting point to know our energy constitution. Mika includes brief, concise and useful information, with practical exercises included to balance our centers, feel them and direct them towards well-being.

Mika Widmanska, born in a concentration camp in Siberia during the Second World War, is an example of how to transmute suffering and pain in the search for "something more", in abandoning old patterns and embarking on a journey to self-knowledge. and human evolution. She was trained in naturopathy, nutrition, acupuncture, radiesthesia and bioenergetics, as well as the knowledge of the human being in all her potential.


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