Atlantean Neutralizer

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Atlantean Neutralizer

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The function of this neutralizer is to balance all the life that exists around it thanks to the radiation that emanates from its geometric shape.

* The Ma 1506 dowsing neutralizer was built according to the well-known shape of the Atlantean rod.

* This instrument was found at the end of the 19th century in the Valley of the Kings (Egypt), in one of the sarcophagi. It was made of red calcite from Aswan.

* The geometric shape of the Atlantean bar is currently found in rings, pendants, key chains, neutralizers and has protective and cleansing properties from negative energies.

* Radiesthetic works have shown and confirmed that the shape of the Atlantean bar has the power to balance everything related to life. It reinforces the lack and decreases the excess of energy flow in the earth, the mineral, vegetable, animal world and in human beings.

* This neutralizer can be located anywhere at the convenience of the user. It acts immediately and the time of its use is unlimited. It does not need energetic cleaning, nor to be deimpregnated.

* Powerfully neutralizes curry and hartman networks. It also helps reduce radiation from water veins and geopathies.

* Improves the quality of life by providing well-being and harmony to the space and the people who inhabit it. Improves sleep and provides rest.

* Its main action is to eliminate the destructive force of negative green, which is the main cause of diseases classified as serious.

* This Atlantean geometric shape, known in our civilization through the knowledge of ancient Egypt, brings us closer to the power of radiation in a way that balances, cleanses, transforms and prolongs vital aspects.

* Its action covers more than 30 m2. Place it on the floor in a comfortable place with the symbols facing up. In cases of very strong radiation, it is advisable to place a neutralizer with the shape facing downwards and another with the shape facing upwards.

* Made of white marble in which the Atlantean symbol is sculpted with the corresponding measurements and proportions, just as it was used in ancient Egypt.


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Atlantean Neutralizer