'Repertorio - Diccionario' Book of Neide Margonari

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Vademecum of Saint Germain essences from Brazil.

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At last the new arises, in the midst of everything and everyone, by the awakening of a new consciousness. The emergence of the new, the Twelve Divine Rays, is allowing the opening of the Golden Portal, in the hearts and in the consciences of "men of good will". On our planet, the arrival of the Twelve Divine Rays, signal the beginning of a new cycle. It is the dawn of the New Era, the Era of Freedom, whose Maximum Leader is the Divine Master Saint Germain, Director of the Seventh Ray. The Twelve Divine Rays that reach us through the flowers, come to free us from the old positions, from the old deposits, they come to redeem us through understanding and remind us of our affiliation, which is Divine. Today flower essences are one of the cause-sustainers of the great individual and planetary transformations. Through flower essences, we are sedimenting the beginning of the irreversible and subtle change reserved for our humanity. It is a silent change, because it is carried out in the silence of the Soul. A loving and peaceful change, which is promoted by the Sacred Energies, contained in certain flowers. These energies, which transmute, transform and illuminate wherever they pass, raising the level of consciousness. it is the birth of the Internal Christ, within each one of us. This is the new coming of Christ. Today our humanity is living a unique moment, protected by the Higher Self and by divinely energized flower essences. This is the moment in which the laying of the first bases begins, for the birth of the glorious future of our humanity and our planet. This glorious future, already glimpsed and proclaimed by the English doctor, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), the precursor of this great Consciousness-Light move.


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