'Los Doce Rayos Divinos' Book of Neide Margonari

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Description of the Saint Germain essences from Brazil.

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The sacred Divinely energized flowers come to us at this time, to redeem us, purify us, protect us and elevate us to higher planes of consciousness. Certain flowers are bringing us Divine Mercy to those of us who have Faith, also to those who do not have it and are asking for it and for all those who in the depths of their souls begin to feel the lack of something inexplicable, but very deep. It is a feeling of melancholy for something that "I don't know from what" and "I don't know from where". This longing and vague recollection, which comes from the depths of our Being, is the yearning to return to our Divine Cosmic origin. This inexplicable feeling tells us that the time has come to prepare ourselves to return to where we came from, after having fulfilled the purposes and achievements of our soul, here on earth. But we must be attentive, because this return can only be carried out through our own effort, but protected by our Higher Self and by the flower essences. Our inner self and flower essences have the power to lead us to the merciful and loving way out, the end of our sufferings through the healing of our human soul (lower bodies), a basic condition for us to continue climbing our steps in the long journey of return to the house of the Heavenly Father. Neide Margonari.


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